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Famous Celebrity Brothers December 2, 2008

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Celebrity families are quickly making headlines throughout Hollywood. From the Kardashian’s to the Lohan’s, stargazers are reading up on celebrities, their families and their crazy antics. For decades, celebrity brothers in particular have caused a craze for fans across the world. To celebrate the familial wonders, here are three pairs of celebrity brothers that have had fans screaming for one reason or another at one point in time.

Ben and Casey AffleckBen and Casey Affleck: Three years Casey’s senior, Ben is often known as the more famous of the two. However, both have played big parts on screen and in the news. Ben and Casey were in two films together, Chasing Amy and Good Will Hunting.

Starring in films such as Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and Daredevil, Ben made quite a name for himself in the late 1990s and early 2000s. However, one cannot forget the gems in which he played roles in the earlier years. Specifically, Dazed and Confused and Mallrats were small roles but big hits. Ben’s personal life has paralleled the nonstop nature of his career. After dating big names like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez, Ben settled down with actress and fellow Daredevil star Jennifer Garner. According to the Associated Press in July 2008, Ben and Garner are expecting their second child.

Although Ben has established a larger presence in Hollywood, Casey has played roles in popular films as well. He had a small role in the first two American Pie movies and also played a role in the Ocean’s trilogy. He started screenwriting in the early 2000s and most recently starred in Gone Baby Gone (2007), which his brother directed. Casey was also nominated for Best supporting actor for his role of Robert Ford in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Casey has two sons with his wife Summer Phoenix, and luckily has not been subject of much media speculation.

Fred and Ben Savage: The Savage brothers are both well-known for their roles in family-oriented television shows. Fred, who is four years older than Ben, was the star of The Wonder Years, and Ben was the main character in Boy Meets World. The two filmed one movie together, Little Monsters, and each appeared in one episode of the other brother’s television show.

Fred’s role as Kevin Arnold in the Wonder Years earned him a spot on VH1’s list of 100 Greatest Kid Stars. However, the show wasn’t his only hit. He played roles in movies while taping the Wonder Years and also appeared in Seinfeld, Law and Order: SVU and Austin Powers in Goldmember. Recently, he has produced and directed episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Fred has two children with his wife Jennifer.

Similar to his older brother, Ben grew up playing the role of a boy and his experiences growing up. As Cory Matthews, Ben succeeded in the business and the show became a popular Friday night affair for youth everywhere. While he has not had starring roles since Boy Meets World, Ben has appeared in several popular television shows, including Party of Five and Phil of the Future. Ben is not married and often remains unreported in the media.

Owen and Luke Wilson: A comedic duo, both brothers are members of the “Frat Pack,” a nickname for some of the most hilarious men in today’s comedies. Owen and Luke appeared in two movies together, Bottle Rocket, The Wendell Baker Story and the Royal Tenenbaums.

Owen is well-known for his starring roles in Wedding Crashers, Zoolander and Shanghai Noon. Aside from the big hits, Owen was also in both Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers. Although he has shown great talent in these comedies, Owen was the focus of most media attention in mid-2007 when he attempted to commit suicide. At the time, there was much gossip as to what spawned the depression and attempt, but nothing was officially cited, and since then, Owen has been present in recent and upcoming films.

Three years younger than Owen, Luke has recently played roles in hits that have brought his movie career to a whole new level. His roles in Legally Blonde (plus the sequel) and Old School have made him a true Hollywood star, and participating in other genres (such as 2007’s Vacancy) has proven his acting diversity. Luke is not shy when it comes to small-screen acting as well, as he has appeared in the X-Files, Entourage and That 70s Show.

Owen and Luke Wilson

Owen and Luke Wilson

And, while he has not made his name big in Hollywood acting or news, Owen and Luke’s eldest brother Andrew has played small roles in some of his brothers’ films, including Zoolander and the Royal Tenenbaums. None of the brothers are currently married.

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Story by Rebecca Kruse